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ThinkBox is an emerging leader in the Energy as a Service (EAAS) industry with an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers and business leaders.

We have developed over $200M in renewable energy, distributed generation, energy / water efficiency and operations technology projects that have generated documented cost savings of over $40M to date... and growing!

We have helped organizations:

  • Monetize inefficient energy operations

  • Raise equity for development projects

  • Increase net operating income / stretch tight public budgets

  • Redevelop aging infrastructure with no capital spending

  • Integrate renewable power generation

  • Address storm water regulations and costs

The Energy as a Service model focuses on the desired business and community outcomes that can be developed from solutions that increase cash flows from efficiencies generated through the everyday use of electricity, gas and water and associated operations.

In addition to higher financial performance and community engagement, organizations have identified that customers, partners and stakeholders are increasingly seeking a demonstrated commitment to increased sustainability in all areas of performance.




ThinkBox is a roll up the sleeves team that provides turnkey support to evaluate and implement projects that reduce energy, water and associated operations costs. Energy, water, infrastructure projects and associated operations are complex and require over 100 tasks to develop, execute and support including engineering, contracting, financing and program management. It has become increasingly more difficult for organizations and building owners to tackle these projects effectively and maintain core operational focus.


Delivery Model

We’ve found that working together with defined processes and models works pretty well….

We have four key areas of focus:

We partner with our clients to conduct detailed analysis of projects and to execute them efficiently and comprehensively. We work to understand goals and desired outcomes and perform detailed engineering, financial, operational, procurement and community assessments. Leads to well defined projects that are bankable and have a clear strategy to implement and measure.

ThinkBox is also a PROPERTY ASSESSED CLEAN ENERGY “PACE” financing registered provider.




What we have been up to?

ThinkBox has a proven track record of over 20 years, developing complex innovative projects for clients that have saved over $40M to date from energy, water and infrastructure expenditures.  Those savings will grow to over $200M.  

  • Over $40M in verified savings to date, growing to $200M
  • Saved over 10 Gigawatt hours of electricity, .5 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 1.8 million kilo-gallons of water and counting
  • Facilitated the purchase of over 466 Gigawatt hours of Electricity and over 4 Billion cubic feet of Natural Gas
  • Reduced emissions by over 29,894 MTCO2E
  • Retrofitted/ Redeveloped over 4 million sq.ft of infrastructure
  • Processed over 1.7 million gas, electric and water bills
  • Deployed over $150M in capital
  • Developed / Installing over 2 Megawatts of solar power generation

Here are some folks who found us to be helpful….

Washington DC Housing Authority ($30Million Project):

  • Developed Master / Strategic Plan
  • Developed and Managed In-House Utility Billing / Administration System over 10,000 accounts
  • Developed and Implemented $25M Energy, Water and Infrastructure Retrofit project covering 30 buildings with annual savings of at least $3.5M
  • Supported DCHA in winning the Mayor’s Sustainability Challenge to redevelop an historic power plant.
  • Successfully Developed $130M Phase II Energy Capital Improvement Program

Phyllis Wheatley YWCA ($1Million Project):

  • Developed Energy Efficiency / Renewable Generation Project
  • Facilitated Innovative PACE Financing Establishing Nationwide Precedent
  • Lower Costs for Vulnerable Population
  • Providing On-going Technology  Based Support - Billing, Measurement / Verification / Reporting

Maryland Energy Administration

Maryland Technology Development Company (TEDCO)

Elsie Whitlow Stokes Charter School – Washington, D.C. ($1.6Million Project)

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) – Atlanta, Ga.

Department of Energy

National Renewable Energy Lab


DC Public Schools

Charlottesville, VA

Longwood College

Honeywell International

Private Investors

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our Team

Daron Coates, Managing Director

Daron Coates, Managing Director

Paul Orentas, Managing Principal

Paul Orentas, Managing Principal

Jim Meacham, Managing Director - Technical Services

Jim Meacham, Managing
- Technical

Megan Orentas

Megan Orentas joined ThinkBox Group in 2016 as a project analyst providing project development, utility baseline, measurement and verification analysis for our clients. Megan earned her Bachelors in Science degree in environmental science from Virginia Tech in 2015, bringing expertise to our soil and water sustainability management development efforts.

Thinkbox in the News

Thanks for learning more about us:

August 18th, 2016:

   The green building project, developed by the local energy services provider ThinkBox Group, will result in capital improvements and infrastructure upgrades to mechanical equipment, energy and water conservation measures, and the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of the school. Read more..

November 4th, 2015:

Mayor Bowser to join the Phyllis Wheatley YWCA, INC. and Dantes Partners to celebrate the preservation of affordable housing as part of a $17 million renovation to Phyllis Wheatley YWCA building. Read more..




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Green2Green Platform for Schools


ThinkBox has launched a Green2Green Platform for Schools to recapture money from increased efficiencies in utility expenses. By monetizing efficiencies, capital can be generated to sustainably address needed infrastructure development.

We roll up our sleeves and support our educational partners in navigating a complex and expensive process – technical, regulatory, finance / incentives and project management – with no costs.

Our team is ready to go and excited to learn more about your project!


Want to learn more about Green2Green Platform for Schools, Contact Us for further details.

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