| Launched in 1995 |

About Us

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ThinkBox is an emerging leader in the Energy as a Service (EAAS) industry with an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers and business leaders.

We have developed over $200M in renewable energy, distributed generation, energy / water efficiency and operations technology projects that have generated documented cost savings of over $40M to date... and growing!

We have helped organizations:

  • Monetize inefficient energy operations

  • Raise equity for development projects

  • Increase net operating income / stretch tight public budgets

  • Redevelop aging infrastructure with no capital spending

  • Integrate renewable power generation

  • Address storm water regulations and costs

The Energy as a Service model focuses on the desired business and community outcomes that can be developed from solutions that increase cash flows from efficiencies generated through the everyday use of electricity, gas and water and associated operations.

In addition to higher financial performance and community engagement, organizations have identified that customers, partners and stakeholders are increasingly seeking a demonstrated commitment to increased sustainability in all areas of performance.