Paul Orentas, Managing Principal

Mr. Orentas has over 27 years of experience in project management, energy management consulting and managing sustainable energy production, efficiency, and biochemical operations. Following his days as project manager with the U.S. Army Night Vision Laboratory during the first Gulf War conflict, Paul joined with ThinkBox Group LLC serving as the company’s managing member since 1996. ThinkBox is a leading provider of energy management and technology commercialization consulting services, specializing in energy efficiency, biofuel and biochemical applications. Since 2010, Paul also supported clean energy and manufacturing technology think-tank specializing in biomass-based technology commercialization and biofuel refining.

Since 1998 he served as Program Manager for the District of Columbia Housing Authority Energy & Environmental Program. This is the first of its kind public housing authority (PHA) self-performing large energy and water efficiency program. Paul established a comprehensive 10-step energy program that has saved the authority over $5M in avoided utility costs and resulted in a $26M energy retrofit program which saved the authority over $8M in avoided capital costs and will reduce energy and water consumption by 25% when completed – saving over $4M a year.

In 2008, Paul was appointed by then Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and served on the Governor’s Commission for Climate Change, and the Governor’s Energy Policy Advisory Council focusing on energy efficiency policies and codes for existing structures throughout the Commonwealth. He also served as principal investigator and policy analyst on a study on the economic and environmental effects of biofuels in the Commonwealth in 2009.

In 2003 Paul Served as Principal Investigator on DOE Cooperative Research Agreement DE-FC36-02GO12009 – Blackbelt Bioenergy Demonstration Project, an ethanol feasibility study for the Blackbelt region of the state of Alabama. Paul secured a $3 million federal appropriation for the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the development of a bio-fuel based industry in the Southeastern United States. This study resulted in the passage of biofuel credit enhancements in several gulf coast states and spurred over $100 million in private investment into the region.

In 1998 Paul served as Principal Investigator for the Department of Energy’s Office of Utility Technologies grant # DE-FG01-99EE35130 biopower technology assessment and commercialization strategy. Authored the paper "Technology Roadmap For Marketing U.S. Biopower: The Role of Biopower in the New Energy Business Model" that identified a business model encompassing the business and new product development aspects of the U.S. bio-power industry.

Paul has an M.B.A. from George Washington University and a B.A. in physics from the University of Virginia.

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